Newsletter for April 2020

The fact is our suppliers cannot produce a tomato plant as quickly as a roll of toilet paper – that’s nature for you! None of us ever dreamed that the demand for vegetables plants would be so overwhelming. But the growers are stepping up and trying to provide plants as soon as possible. We are expecting a few varieties this week and hopefully more will arrive in the next two to three weeks. We will be receiving a good supply of herbs this week.

Be on the lookout for some new hybrid tomatoes – they’re called “Marriage” tomatoes. This is a blend of two heirloom varieties. The two we are expecting are ‘Big Brandy’ – a cross between Big Dwarf and Brandywine – and ‘Genuwine’, – a cross between Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine. The purpose for this hybridization is to produce hybrid vigor, improved yield, earlier maturity while maintaining old-time flavor.

The infinite variety of leaf colors in the Rex begonia family. Unlike their showy cousins,the Reiger begonias, which provide vibrant color for a limited period, these beauties maintain their interesting leaf patterns for …well, however long the plant exists in your home!

Have you noticed those tiny fruits on your peach and nectarine trees? If so, it’s time to prevent the Tarnished Plant Bug (Lygus lineolaris) from defacing the adult fruit. Several options include the insecticides Monterey ‘Take Down’, Bonide ‘Fruit and Plant Guard’ and horticultural oil. Nectarines seem to be the most susceptible. Apple blossoms will appear next and with them the coddling moths. Traps can be used to detect them and if you have only one or two trees this may eradicate them. Otherwise we recommend using the above mentioned remedies.

A favorite spring perennial is Columbine. The plants are available in gallons, 4″ pots and jumbo packs. Afternoon shade and regular water should keep them in bloom for the duration of spring. Another popular perennial is the old fashioned violet Viola odorata. These cheerful little plants with their fragrant flowers find nooks and crannies in which to multiply.

The latest Sloggers style in boots. We only have one pair in the nursery, but we are happy to order the size you need. We can’t emphasize bees enough! We try to have the “bee friendly” hand out compiled by one of our local customers. It’s a great aid to help encourage these crucial pollinators to flourish.

This is a great time to be out in the garden, especially if you are at home with some extra time on your hands. Perhaps you have children who are missing out on school. Why not get them addicted to gardening? How about a seed starting project? We have mini green houses, seed starting soil and some really cute gloves! Lots of vegetable and flowers are easy to start from seeds.

Lots of summer blooming perennials and annuals are arriving. Choose from petunias, marigolds, lobelia, lisianthus and more. Some of the most popular perennials include Salvias and Lavenders. We have some shades of bright red and blue Salvias plus the favorite ‘Hot Lips’. You can identify the native Salvias by their pungent smell! The Spanish lavenders (Lavandula stoechas) are blooming now and soon to follow are the English and Intermedia varieties – Provence,Hidcote, etc.

The “One time bloom but what a show!” Lady Banks rose is here. A few gorgeous ornamental crab apple trees remain. A favorite, old-fashioned shrub, “Snowball Bush” (Viburnum opulus) is ready for planting. New plants are arriving almost daily.

You will find many planting amendments and potting soils to enhance your native soil. We also carry the local ‘Vermi-compost’, an excellent supplement for vegetables and fruit trees.