Newsletter for April 2018

Spring is for planting! We have a new selection of roses to enhance your garden. We’ll be bringing more in as the season progresses. Don’t see your favorite? If it’s available, we’ll be happy to add it to our collection. Roses react very favorably to fertilization, preferably done every six weeks. We carry several options. Those pesky little aphids have a way of showing up in spring – we’ll have ladybugs later on and also some non-toxic sprays.


More vegetables and herbs are on the way! Once again, there is a vast choice of tomatoes – pick your size, color and flavor! Early Girl probably takes the prize for most popular, but the very tasty cherry, Sun Gold, has topped many lists as well. Look for peppers hot and mild – Italian roasting, Padron and Ghost, Red, Yellow and Orange sweet peppers.


Color! Many double Osteospermums as well as single varieties. The lovely white daisy is a new form of the old favorite Marguerite daisy. It’s called ‘Grandessa’ – note the attractive larger center. This form also comes in yellow and red.

Here’s a carefree planting – a driveway embellished with help from nature. These Euphorbia wulfeniis just reseeded; they receive no additional water and bloom year after year. They do, however, reseed like crazy, but plucking the small seedlings out is an easy chore.

In case you missed the bareroot season, we have lots of fruit trees planted in containers. Most of those currently available are planted in bio-degradable pots; they can be planted pot and all so as not to disturb the roots.

Lewisia ‘Elise’ is a new form of Lewisia cotyledon. The original plant was rather temperamental. This new form does extremely well in containers, enduring frost as well as heat. It’s also recommended for rock gardens. Colors include white, pink and peach. Good drainage is important. We currently carry the plant in six packs.


New containers of many shapes, sizes and colors. Place them in your patio, around your pool, on your deck. Some plants do really well in containers, some not so much. We’ll try to help you pick out just the right one!

This is the last week for the Bumper Crop sale – 3 bags for $18.99. We also have many other beneficial amendments to add to your soil. Pictured on the right is Vermi-compost, locally produced. We have acidic mixes, chicken manure, organic compost and more. Beef up your soil!

The vivid colors of Gerberas. No wonder they’re a favorite for beds and containers. We stock them in 4″ plants and one gallons. We also feature the new hybrids, ‘Garvineas’ which appear to be very heat and cold tolerant. There are so many colorful annual and perennial flowers this time of year; they can certainly uplift the spirit!