Newsletter for April 2017

Newsletter-201704-01The stately Deodar cedars will finally arrive! This evergreen tree is well suited to our climate and hails from the Himalayas. It is fast growing and durable. Deodar cedars can become very large, but it is possible to contain them somewhat by pruning the new growth. They will be available in 5 gallon containers from Monrovia Nursery.

Newsletter-201704-02Ornamental crabapple trees are not nearly as common as the flowering plums and pears, but they are a lovely addition to the spring garden. White or pink flowers are paired with green or bronze leaves. After blooming, the small crabapples continue to add interest. The fruit is enjoyed primarily by birds. We also have some stunning flowering cherries, but the crabapples are more tolerant of heavy wet soils.

Newsletter-201704-03This charming hardy Geranium has the long name Geranium cinereum subcaulescens. It’s low growing and spreading, sporting these vivid, magenta flowers over a long period. There are other similar types of hardy geraniums with light pink and white flowers. The plant is deciduous but is very easy to deal with after it has died down. You can easily pull away all the old plant parts.


Many new containers and hanging flower baskets to brighten your spring!

The vegetable season is well underway! Demand is high and we bring in new plants every week. We carry the tried and true plus lots of exotic heirlooms. How about some Cocozelle Zucchini, Crnkovic Yugoslavian tomato or Painted Serpent cucumber? We also stock lemon cucumber and ambrosia cantaloupe.

Newsletter-201704-09There is always a demand for ground covers. Some of the old standbys include prostrate rosemary, vinca, iceplant and thyme. The ornamental oreganos are also excellent low maintenance plants for covering fairly large areas. Betty Rollins is evergreen, low and exhibits pink flowers later in the summer. Hopley’s Purple is a bit flashier with light purple flowers on 12 to 18′ wiry stems. They need to be cut back once a year. They can also be added to flower arrangements.

For a small, drought tolerant lawn, we have 6 packs of Buffalo grass and Carex praegracilis.


Succulents continue in their popularity. Shown here are two handsome examples. The first, Hesperaloe parviflora has long, gray tapered leaves from which emerge these tall flower stems with coral bells. Another variety sports red flowers. Next to it is Dyckia, another succulent with tall bright orange flowers. We currently have some very nice containers of both.

Newsletter-201704-07New wall decorations to add to your garden décor. We also have some new turtles and metal flowers.

Apple blossom time! And the coddling moths are ready to invade. They lay their eggs in the blossoms and their offspring eat their way out! You can set traps out in the trees to monitor their arrival. Then spray with either spinosad or horticultural oil.

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